Toddler steals the show from his two older siblings

Complex shared a TikTok clip of two children, who go by Forbes_Gang, doing the #RenegadeChallenge. Despite their nearly perfect choreography, it’s not long before a baby in a jean jacket, black t-shirt, diaper and Nikes snags the spotlight.

The little show-stopper slides in from out of frame. While staring directly into the camera, the tiny tot stayed on beat the whole time as he bounced in sync with the music. Now, this is one way to earn your spot as the coolest kid on the playground.

The video racked up 1.3 million views on Instagram. Even celebrities like rapper Ludacris left a fire emoji to give props to the rugrat.

“That baby has more rhythm than A LOT of people,” one Instagram user commented.

“OMG. I can’t. Cutest thing I’ve seen in IDK how long. I can’t stop watching it,” another said.

“Big boy was on beat,” one person added.

The #RenegadeChallenge was invented by a Georgia teen named Jalaiah Harmon in 2019. The Instagram and TikTok craze was controversial because of its widespread popularity, with few people attributing Harmon for its creation. Fortunately, Harmon was recognized as the creator after the New York Times profiled the 14-year-old. Former First Lady Michelle Obama even gave her a shout out on Twitter.